rebecca lin


I am a first-year PhD student at MIT CSAIL working with Prof. Erik Demaine. My research interests lie in computational geometry and geometry processing. I love learning about shapes and structures, particularly in the context of art, design, and fabrication.

I earned my B.Sc. from UBC, during which I was advised by Profs. Will Evans, Craig Kaplan, and Alla Sheffer. I was also fortunate to intern at Microsoft (2019, 2020), Cisco (2019), and BCCHR (2018).



Detecting Viewer-Perceived Intended Vector Sketch Connectivity
Jerry Yin*, Chenxi Liu*, Rebecca Lin, Nicholas Vining, Helge Rhodin, Alla Sheffer
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH North America), 2022
The Polygon Burning Problem
(α-β) William Evans and Rebecca Lin
WALCOM: Algorithms and Computation, 2022


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A collection of experiments relating to art, craft, and coding.
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Updated January 2023